Public Library Enschede: rules and regulations

Free Access

The library is accessible to everyone. Reading in the libra­ry is free, as is asking questions.

Borrower's card

Media can only be borrowed with a valid borrower's card. In order to be registered as a borrower, a person over twelve years old should produce a valid ID when registering (preferably with photograph).
A borrower's card:

  • is free for children under 18
  • costs € 4,50 per month / € 50,00 per year for a Normal-subscription
  • costs € 6,00 per month / € 68,00 per year for a Plus-subscription

Borrower's cards are personal. You are responsible for your card and the media lent to you at all times. In case of a change of address or loss of your card, please notify us immediately.

Number of media to be borrowed

  • Children under 18: 10
  • Normal-subscription: 10
  • Plus-subscription: 15

Lending period

  • Books, DVD's, magazines
                - Normal-subscription  
                - Plus-subscription
  • Sheet music 
  • Toptitles

4 weeks 
6 weeks
6 weeks
1 week 

Extension of lending period

The lending period can be extended provided the media have not been booked by anyone else.
If you want to extend once please telephone during opening hours of the library and by internet at any time (follow the instructions on the internet).

Lending fee

  • Books 
  • DVD's - Normal-subscription
               - Plus-subscription
  • CD's/DVD's (music)
  • Toptitles 

free of charge 
free of charge
free of charge
free of charge
€ 2,00 a week 

Fines to be paid if lending period is exceeded

  • Books, DVD's, CD's (music):
    € 0,15 a day (you don't pay for days on which the library is closed)
  • Toptitles: € 0,50 a day

Additional charges

  • Booking media available in the library 
                  - Normal-subscription (10 exx.)
                  - Plus-subscription      (10 exx.)
  • Requesting media from libraries in Overijssel 
  • Requesting media from all other libraries 
  • Requesting media WorldCat Discovery 
  • Duplicate borrower's card
  • Photocopy (A4)
  • Photocopy (A3)
  • Reading ruler
  • Computer prints
  • Colour computer prints
  • Headphone
  • Use of internet for members, for 2 hours a day 
  • Use of internet for non-members, for 1 hour a day

free of charge
free of charge
free of charge
€ 5,00
€ 7,50 
€ 3,50
€ 0,10
€ 0,20
€ 15,00
€ 0,10
€ 0,50
€ 3,50
free of charge
€ 3,50 a year 

Users returning media in damaged condition or failing to return the media lent to them will be invoiced.

Music-CD’s and LP's belonging to the private organisation Muziekbank Overijssel can be borrowed in the Central Library. Owners of a library-borrowers-card are entitled to borrow free of charge.

Addresses and opening hours the Library Enschede 

In addition to the Enschede Central Library, the Enschede Library also has 4 locations and a special Youth Library.

More information about addresses and opening hours.

The unabridged Dutch text of the regulations is available at the reception desk.